The Innowalk is a motorized standing device created by Made for Movement.  The machine supports children and adults with disabilities in an upright weight bearing position whilst providing repetitive guided movements of the lower limbs. The movement that it creates imitates reciprocal walking and was designed for people with a high to moderate levels of physical disability. It therefore provides all the potential benefits of a conventional static standing frame, but with the additional benefits of continuous repetitive movement.

About the machine

  • Adjustable to meet each individual’s size and changing needs.
  • User can be hoisted into the device in a sitting position and is fully supported by the equipment is in a sitting posture making transfers in and out of the device safe and easy.
  • Gradually raises the user into an upright position allowing time for the user to acclimatize to the change of position.
  • Hip and knee extension can be adjusted to suit the user and can accommodate symmetrical and asymmetrical hip and knee and/ or ankle flexion contractures when necessary.
  • Built-in pressure sensors that automatically stop the machine during a sudden increase in extensor tone acting as a safety cut-out in the event of spasm.
  • Adjustable speed of the leg movements to allow warm up and cool down and provide time for the user’s muscle tone to respond to the movement.
  • Can be used with a tray with the arms relaxed or to exercise the upper limbs simultaneously, not unlike a conventional cross-trainer enabling the user to experience repetitive movements of all four limbs helping to influence tone and muscles, whilst benefitting from cardiovascular exercise.

Conditions benefitting from use the Innowalk machine:

  • Cerebral Palsy GMFM’s classification level 4 & 5
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy 
  • Rehabilitation following hip reconstruction surgery.
  • Improvement of joint range of movement post botulinum toxin injections working towards a better fit of orthosis
  • Children who are not independently mobile with sensory seeking and difficulties in regulating their behaviour
  • Hip and knee range of movement to meet criteria for knee, ankle foot orthosis.
  • Children with dystonia /dyskinesia or hypotonia/poor head and trunk control.


Benefits of the Innowalk

  • Improvement of joint range of movement post botulinum toxin injections working towards a better fit of orthosis
  • Improvement of hip and knee range of movement to meet criteria for knee, ankle foot orthosis.
  • Improvement of gait pattern by replicating a better movement in the Innowalk
  • Improvements in gastrointestinal function
  • A great way to introduce a form of cardiovascular exercise in children with limited access to a cardiovascular
  • Various studies performed on dynamic standing compared to a static standing
  • Better response and tolerance to dynamic standing compared to static standing (using a standing frame) in children with fluctuating muscle tone.
  • Deeper respiration as dynamic standing involves reciprocal weight shift and movement of the lower limbs.
  • Increased temperature in feet due to improved circulation
  • Improvement in sleep

KPL Innowalk Rental

 We have both the small and large professional Innowalk machines at our Chingford Clinic.  Children and adults are able to visit KPL for an assessment to understand if the Innowalk machine is suitable for their needs and see if they like it.  Some children use the Innowalk machine as part of their treatment session to relax their muscle tone pre-land session to advance their treatment.  Sessions usually last around one hour and are charged at the same rate as traditional physiotherapy.  

We can also offer:

  • Home rental service
  • Training for parents/carers with competency documentation completed.
  • Support for funding requests to incorporate Innowalk into a child’s therapy plan.
  • For advanced requests, specialist input from Made for Movement either by a direct one to one session or joining virtually.

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