Serial Casting and Removable Bespoke Made Splints

Serial Casting – provides a continuous stretch to tight muscles in both upper and lower limbs. The time in casts vary but they are changed every 5 days and will be applied for 2 – 6 weeks.

What is a bespoke removable splint?

A bespoke splint is a removable support usually made from a low temperature thermoplastic. It is moulded to an individual for a custom fit.

Serial casting and bespoke made splints are often used in the following conditions:

  • Modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (MCIMT)
  • Toe walking or intoeing
  • Following botox therapy to improve joint range of movement
  • To minimise further deterioration in joint deformity
  • To improve function
  • To rest inflamed joints
  • Night splint
Serial Casting

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