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Conditions Treated
We treat babies, children and teenagers and young adults with a wide range of conditions. Please click the link below for some of the conditions we are able to treat.
Areas Covered
Treatment can be provided at Donna’s practice in Highams Park, London E4 or at your home or child’s place of education or a local aquatic therapy pool. We mainly cover London, Essex and Hertfordshire and within the M25.
Donna and her team provide a wealth of experience – personalised service that is tailored to meet the needs of the individual child and family.

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Innowalk Pro Machine

Innowalk Pro Machine

KPL is the only practice in the UK who has a small Innowalk Pro machine. Bookings for blocks of treatment are being taken now.

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What our Happy Clients Say

Donna has been treating our daughter since she was a baby (she's 10 this year).  Donna is all you would want in a therapist; kind, caring, professional and above all else she really knows her stuff and is a fountain of knowledge!

Our daughter's hydrotherapy sessions really are the highlight of her week, and we continue to see vast improvements in her core stability and independence in (and out) of the water.  Donna's gentle way with our daughter has meant that they have built a lovely bond and although our daughter is nonverbal, it is clear to see that she trusts Donna as is completely relaxed and happy when in her company and being treated.

Donna goes out of her way to help us when needed and she is my first "go to" if I have any concerns. I really cannot speak more highly or recommend Donna enough.  We feel so lucky to have her as our daughter's physiotherapist.

Natasha Little

Donna has worked with my son since he was 1, he is now 6. Nico (my son) has severe Quadriplegic cerebral palsy which affects his whole body. Donna's support and knowledge has been invaluable. Not only is she incredibly experienced and passionate about what she does, she has supported us emotionally as we navigate our way through the journey of his development. She is incredibly skilled with her handling and will always go the extra mile to ensure the best for Nico. We cannot recommend her enough and are indebted to her for the support she has given us over the years.

We have been seeing Donna for almost 2 years now, and having tried numerous physiotherapist and not being able to find someone who could work with George we were delighted to find her. Donna’s knowledge level is fantastic and she is always explaining what she is doing and why she is doing that particular exercise. She is very enthusiastic and a great motivator during therapy. Her kind nature and way with children is an added bonus to her skill level. Overall we find our sessions fantastic and George has really progressed under Donna’s care

Donna has been the lifesaver for my daughter Sophia who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1. With Donna's support we have a successful physio and hydrotherapy regimes which maintained out little girl in the best possible shape. Instead of declining and losing all her functions she has being gaining physical abilities. Furthermore, Donna's supports has been far reaching and meaningful. Sophia has a massive team of people looking after her, but only to three of these people I will forever be grateful Donna and Mercy (who works with Donna) are two of those people. If anybody ever wants a personal recommendation please just ask me as I am more than happy to tell people the most honest truth: Donna and Mercy know what they do, they care and they get results - they are amazing.

I know Donna since November 2014, she is the private physiotherapist of my daughter. I think Donna is doing a very good job with my daughter, she is really improving! Donna really help me, giving me lots of information about my daughter, giving her the possibility to try different equipment. Like a parent I very happy with Donna's work.

Donna's vibrant personality enabled our son  (5yrs at the time) to really warm to her. Her experience and knowledge on land and water-based physiotherapy is really second to none, she is excellent at training parents and carers and explains techniques using simple jargon. Donna always goes out of her way to provide the absolute best for our child and never hesitates to offer practical and professional advice that has a positive impact on our sons development, health and lifestyle. We are so thrilled to have Donna as part of our team of healthcare professionals.

Donna's regular involvement in our son's therapy has been essential to his development. She's been brilliant for him and built up a great relationship with him, ourselves and other professionals in the NHS and school. She has offered us guidance and support over and above her therapy sessions and we have benefited from her expertise beyond the physio – she's been a strong advocate for him and has flagged up issues in his seating, standing and walking equipment much sooner than relying on NHS people. She's also a pleasure to work with and really flexible!

Donna is the most professional and caring physiotherapist to have worked with my son. She is always well informed and accurate in her knowledge on how to best support his needs. I feel like Donna has been a blessing for my son and myself, as I feel assured that I have provided the best therapy for my child.

Donna has changed my son’s life.  He is able to do things that I thought were impossible i.e. stand with support. Donna is very hands on and only wants the best and she will go out of her way to make sure I'm never disappointed with the work she does. Adam loves having  physiotherapy.

'Rhi has been working with Sam for approximately two years. She is a gentle, knowledgeable physio who has built a strong relationship with Sam which means she can get the most out of the sessions. She does hands-on physio sessions with him, as well as writing up programmes, advising on equipment and training carers when necessary. Rhi works well with the other professionals involved in Sam's care. She is a good person to have around in our (occasionally chaotic) family home. The relationship with Donna also works well, where Rhi does all of the hand-on work but Donna is always available to refer to and answer specific queries.'

We have trusted Donna Nicol with our son, who suffers from severe Cerebral Palsy, for approximately 4 years now and can honestly say that trust has been rewarded. Donna is extremely knowledgeable and  professional in her approach to our son's needs whilst at the same time making her sessions with him fun. Our son is extremely fond of Donna and we as a family feel very fortunate to have her working with us.

Rhi is an absolute pleasure to work with: she is empathetic, knowledgeable and thorough. She also has a high degree of patience. My son used to find physiotherapy distressing; however, Rhi has developed a deep understanding of his capabilities, so she knows how much he will tolerate. It's now got to the stage where he rather enjoys his sessions. This is also down to the bond that Rhi has established with him. When my son last saw his orthopaedic surgeon she was delighted by his progress as a result of his postural management programme. Rhi has played a key part in this.

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