Gait Abnormalities

We are highly experienced at treating gait problems.  Gait problems in children are things that affect a child’s walking pattern.  There are many different things that can effect a child’s gait pattern and cause alignment issues.  As children develop their gait during childhood it is very important that any gait pattern is identified and corrected from a young age, to minimise future problems.

At KPL we commonly assess and treat the following conditions:

  • Tiptoe walking – means that the child walks up on their toes, and lacks normal heel toe gait pattern
  • Over pronating feet with changes to heel bone into (varus rolling out) or (valgus rolling in)
  • In-toeing – means that the feet point inwards instead of pointing forwards when walking and running
  • Out-toeing – when feet curve outwards instead of pointing forwards
  • Limping – Means that the child is walking with an unsteady gait pattern, taking more weight through one side of their body and favouring one side of their body maybe due to pain caused by an injury

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