At KPL we have a therapist who is certified in the use of Theratogs, and we are able to use and prescribe Theratogs in combination with our treatment sessions.

Theratogs are garments that are fitted directly to the skin to improve postural alignment, provide proprioceptive feedback and optimise graded muscle control.

  • TheraTogs Do What Therapy Does – if the therapist can passively correct postural or biomechanical issues for a client without force, then TheraTogs can be configured to do the same – with gentle, prolonged stretch and supple support. TheraTogs are science-based therapy.
  • Wearable Therapy Improves Compliance – the client can wear his/her prescribed positioning, postural alignment, and functional support for hours without breaking the daily routine.
  • Repetitions Change the Body – the body adapts to the history of use – literally changing muscle and bone to the patterns of posture, gait, and function over time.  The wearer gains thousands of daily repetitions while in corrected alignment!
  • Improved Foundation Enables Faster Progress –client, caregiver, and clinician can move rehab progress faster and farther when the foundations of postural and functional alignment are taken to the next level.

Theratogs can help the following presentations:

Weak trunk muscles


Flexible kyphosis

Poor lower limb alignment

Flexible lordosis/excessive pelvic tilt

Difficulty maintaining midline trunk.

Shoulder girdle dysfunction


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